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MOVED TO TUMBLR: (main) (art).
-You have to say who tagged you!
-You must be truthful.  No cheating!
-You must answer ALL questions!
-You just lost The Game.
-If you don't tag anyone at the end, I will EAT you!

The Basics
1. Full name: Olivia Daw
2. Age: 15
3. Birth Date: 28/06/99
4. Birth Place: Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
5. Gender: Female
6. Occupation: None
7. Primary School: Mellis Primary
8. High School: Hartismere Highschool
9. College/University: ////
10. Eye Colour: Greeny blue, more blue tho
11. Hair Colour: Brown
12. Currently Living: Family home

13. Food: Carbonara 
14. Drink: Iced Coffee
15. Band/Singer: Brendon Urie
16. Song: wow um, The Ballad of Mona Lisa, Stall Me - Panic! At the Disco, Fuego - Finley
17. Movie: prolly HTTYD2
18. TV Show: Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Sherlock, The Amazing World of Gumball, Blackadder (I/II/III/Goes Fourth), Black Books, Father Ted
19. Book: North and South - Elizabeth Gaskell
20. Colour: Steely blues

Do you prefer...
21. Coke or Pepsi?: never tried either
22. Anime or Disney?: depends
23. Guys or Girls?: guysss
24. Lips or Eyes?: eyes
25. Kisses or Hugs?: hugs
26. Eating or Drinking?: both
27. Novels or Comics?: novels
28. Summer or Winter?: summer
29. Outdoors or Indoors?: outdoors
30. Camera or Cellphone?: phone
31. PS3 or Xbox 360?: ps3 FOR SURE
32. TV or Computer?: Computer

Something personal...
33. Why did you choose your username?: my sister gave it to me
34. What is your favourite piece of your own work?:………
35. What is your most popular Deviation?  Show us:…
36. Look to your left. What is the first thing you see?: fathers storage cupboard
37. Now to your right: dads map-desk
38. Something you can't live without: internet, forrie and zara

The last...
39. Person you saw: my aunt dorita
40. Person you hugged: my dog
41. Movie you watched: Muppets Treasure Island
42. Song you listened to: Sarah Smiles - P!atD
43. Book you read: Mary Barton - Elizabeth Gaskell
44. Thing you ate/drank: Parma ham/bread/colslaw/salad/olive/potato salad and water
45. Time you cried and why: when i had a migraine, was in so much pain
46. Time you laughed and why: with my family, faked laughed it
47. Time you went out: visiting orford <3

The first...
48. Person you dated: never
49. Person you kissed: my mother
50. Crush you had/have(On Deviantart): never
51. Thing you think about when you wake up: LM
52. Best friend you ever had: forests
53. School you went to: mellis pre-school
54. Big holiday you went on: France ew
55. Award you got: piano

Have you ever...
56. Broken the law: no
57. Been arrested: no
58. Had a hangover: no
59. Been in hospital: yes
60. Been in a car crash: sort of
61. Flown on a plane: no
62. Been on a boat: yes
63. Travelled overseas: yes
64. Had sex: no
65. Gotten pregnant: no
66. Had an abortion: no
67. Been to a concert: yes
68. Pretended to be sick to avoid doing something: yes x10000
69. Skipped school/work: yes
70. Broken a bone: yes

Deviant time...
71. Who is your closest friend on Deviant Art? forests
72. What is your favourite Deviation by them? Show us: cant find it
73. Which Deviant's artwork do you like the most?: i dont go on here anymore
74. What is their greatest work?  Show us: -
75. Any favourite Deviant Art groups in mind?: Art-Is-Wonderful
76. What is your favourite artwork by the Founder of the group?: cant be bothered
77. The Co-Founder(s)?: me
78. How about the Contributors?: Guava-Pie
79. Who was your very first Watcher on Deviant Art?: Big skippy
80. What is your favourite artwork by them?: -
81. Have you ever had any Daily Deviations?  If you have, show us: no
82. Have you ever won a contest with your artwork?  Show us: probably not
83. Show us the first Deviation you submitted to Deviant Art: deleted
84. Show us your most recent submission: look in my gallery im lazy

More personal stuff...
85. Religion: Jehovah's Witness
86. Social class: apparently middle class
87. Ethnicity: White-British
88. Languages spoken: English, english sign language and a tiny bit of italian
89. A scar you have: -
90. Preferred medium: -

Totally random...
91. Where is your dream holiday location?: italy
92. What are you wearing right now?: blue tunic and jeans
93. What is the last thing you bought?: a cappuchino 
94. When did you join Deviant Art?: 2 years ago
95. WHY did you join?: art
96. What type of membership do you have?: normal
97. Are you playing The Game?: shut up
98. Are you a member of any other websites?: yes
99. Do you enjoy answering pointless questions like these ones?: not really
100. You're DONE!  Now, tag 5 friends: NoodleSuperPot U-n-b-a-p-t-i-z-e-d Forests-FH Rimisa molster10 

If you are TAGGED, you must answer all 100 questions!  Good luck...
taken from the should-be-dead :iconkingxxxi:

[ ] smoked
[x] consumed alcohol
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex 
[x] slept in the same bed with someone of the same sex 
[x] kissed someone of the same sex 
[x] kissed someone of the opposite sex 
[x] had someone in your room other than family
[ ] watched porn
[ ] bought porn 
[ ] tried drugs

[x] taken painkillers
[ ] taken someone else's prescription medicine 
[x] lied to your parents 
[x] lied to a friend 
[ ] sneaked out of the house
[ ] done something illegal
[x] felt hurt 
[x] hurt someone 
[x] gotten into a fight 
[ ] wished someone to die
[ ] seen someone die

[ ] missed curfew (???)
[ ] stayed out all night 
[ ] eaten a carton of ice cream by yourself
[ ] been to a therapist
[ ] received a ticket 
[ ] been to rehab
[ ] dyed your hair
[ ] been in an accident
[ ] been to a club 
[x] been to a bar

[ ] been to a wild party.
[ ] drank more than three alcoholic beverages in a night 
[ ] had a spring break in Florida 
[ ] sniffed anything 
[ ] wore black nail polish 
[x] wore arm bands 
[ ] wore t-shirts with band names 
[x] listened to rap 
[ ] owned a 50 Cent CD

[ ] dressed gothic 
[ ] dressed lolita 
[/] dressed girly
[ ] dressed punk
[ ] dressed grunge
[x] stolen something 
[ ] been too drunk to remember anything
[ ] blacked out
[/] fainted
[x] laughed at someone's pain 
[ ] had a crush on a neighbor

[x] had a crush on a friend
[x] been to a concert. 
[ ] dry-humped someone
[x] been called a slut
[x] called someone a slut 
[ ] installed speakers in your car
[ ] broken a mirror
[ ] showered at someone of the opposites sex's house  
[x] brushed your teeth with someone else's toothbrush.

[ ] considered Ludicrous your favorite rapper
[ ] seen an R-rated movie in theater 
[ ] cruised on mail
[x] skipped school
[ ] had surgery
[x] had an injury 
[ ] gone to court 
[/] walked out of a restaurant without paying/tipping
[ ] caught something on fire
[x] lied about your age 
TOTAL: 26 1/2

[ ] owned/rented an apartment/house 
[ ] broken the law in the police's presence  
[ ] made out with someone who had a gf/bf
[ ] got in trouble with the police
[x] talked to a stranger
[/] hugged a stranger
[ ] licked a stranger 
[x] been verbally harassed
[ ] been physically harassed

[ ] met face-to-face with someone you met online 
[x] stayed online for 5+ hours straight
[ ] talked on the phone for more than 4 hours straight 
[x] watched TV for 5 hours straight
[x] been to a fair
[x] been called a bad influence
[ ] drank and drove
[ ] prank-called someone
[x] laid on a couch with someone of the opposite sex
[ ] cheated on a test

If You Have Less Than 10...Write [I'm a Goody Goody]
If You Have More Than 10...Write [I'm Average]
If You Have More Than 20...Write [I'm a Bad Kid]
If You Have More Than 30...Write [I'm a Bad Influence]
If You Have More Than 40...Write [I'm a Horrible Person]
If You Have More Than 50...Write [I Should be in Jail]
If you have More Than 60...Write [I Should be Shot]
If You Have More Than 70...Write [I Should be Dead]

yea hear that forrie??
only on here to keep in touch with friends and make groups, not submitting art here again (personal preference, no feelings towards dA provoked this don'worry)

OTHER: (includes funny things, gaming, bootiful things etc)
thats right


gimme a watch, posting art and funny things. expect some games (ac, tlou etc)

page is still wip
only on here to keep in touch with friends and make groups, not submitting art here again (personal preference, no feelings towards dA provoked this don'worry)

OTHER: (includes funny things, gaming, bootiful things etc)

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